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Healthier 4U Combo Vending

Machine Description

The H4U ADAII Machines are built exclusivly for Healthier4U Vending. Our machine quality is unsurpassed in the industry because we use the best in technology and American Manufacturing, to produce the highest quality Combo Healthy Vending Machine in the industry.  We use cutting edge technology to allow our machines to accept credit and debit cards (magnetic or the newer RFID Cards are accepted), Google Wallet, and the Apple Pay technologies. The ADAII Healthy Vending Machines also utilize remote access technology, allowing for 24-hour online remote access to view sales figures, inventory needs, and maintenance requirements from any web enabled device. By using the newest infrared sensors to detect each vend, Healthier4U Machines can ensure a smooth customer transaction every time.  The ADAII is NAMA Certified, ADA Compliant, and the only Healthy Vending Machine equipped with GFCI Compliant power cords (required in Government Buildings).

  • Our machines are American made with a 350 total item capacity.
  • We use remote monitoring to ensure efficient inventory replenishment.
  • Our infrared vending sensing technology guarantees product delivery.
  • Our digital programming thermostat provides ice cold beverages.
  • Our eco-friendly LED lighting uses 1/3 less energy than standard vending machines.
  • In addition to cash and coins our machines feature Credit/Debit card readers as well as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.


Top-Notch Customer Service

We offer the best products and service in town plus top-of-the-line machines.

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